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Who We Are

My Sister’s Keeper Collective is a 501(c)(3) established in December of 2014. The mission of My Sister’s Keeper is to ensure that at-risk girls have access to a high-quality secondary school experience. We identify at-risk girls based upon involvement with the child welfare system and the juvenile justice system. MSK seeks to empower young women to identify educational goals and to support success by identifying resources and collaborating with caregivers, teachers, counselors, and agency professionals to share ideas, strategies and best practices.











Our Story

Our team was formed as a result of our experiences as classroom teachers, counselors, and administrators. Many of us taught in public schools in the Philadelphia area or attended graduate or professional school for education in the area. Philadelphia is where we met and began developing collaborative relationships. In addition to our shared work, we connected personally as women of color who were concerned about what we consider the failures of many schools to address the particular needs of black and brown girls. My Sister’s Keeper is the product of many conversations that have resulted in a collective committed to addressing the achievement and discipline gap for girls, specifically by focusing on understanding trauma as it is uniquely experienced by young women of color.

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